October 2020 - February 2021 TRAINING

The project activities include debate training programs and competitions, adaptations of a methodological approach, joint publications, providing open and effective tools for counterbalancing the rising polarization and disengagement of young people in six European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia).

During the project the young people access knowledge of relevant socio-political issues, and acquire skills of the art of debate.


February 2021 - June 2021


How it will happen

The debates will be held in the Jugend debattiert format, focusing on current
socio-political issues. Each mock involves four people – two on the pro and
two on the contra side. The goal is to stand up for one’s opinions and views in
a well-founded and convincing manner, weight others’ arguments and gain
basics of a political education.

Final Conference

June 2021 Final Conference

Final conference outlining project outcomes and results of debate training and EU competition.