Audio / Podcasts

The audio recordings can be used for non-commercial use only, but giving a reference to the project Debate Your Issue.


Episode 1: About a little country called Belgium

By: Mare, Aïsha and Laura

Episode 2: Food, drinks and some culture in Belgium

By: Toon, Leonie and Ineke

Episode 3: Fun facts about Belgium

By: Toon, Leonie, Aïsha, Laura, Illias

Czech Republic

Episode 1: History of the Czech Republic: I (The Myth About Praotec Čech and Hussite Revolution)

By: Matěj Pejša

Episode 2: History of the Czech Republic: II (First World War and Czechoslovak Legions, Velvet Revolution)

By: Jiří Sucharda

Episode 3: Czech Culture: I – Customs

By: Klára Štěpánková

Episode 4: Czech Culture: II – Literature and Film

By: Adéla Černá

Episode 5: Czech Culture: III – Heritage

By: Jindřich Buřt

Episode 6: Visiting Prague: I – Virtual Tour

By: Diana Petrová

Episode 7: Visiting Prague: II – Legends of Prague

By: Johana Prudíková

Episode 8: Visiting Prague: III – Travel Tips for Visitors

By: Anna Hoffmannová


Episode 1: History, hockey, woods, potatoes and the Eurovision of Latvia

By: Augusts Zilberts, Renāte Estere Liepiņa, Niks Murāns

Episode 2: Introvert Latvians living in social media and outliving the pandemic

By: Augusts Zilberts, Renāte Estere Liepiņa, Niks Murāns

Episode 3: Adventures of Belarusian flags in Riga and vaccination lottery

By: Augusts Zilberts, Renāte Estere Liepiņa, Niks Murāns


Episode 1: Queen Victoria time slips to modern Lithuania

By: Mantas Vičius, Audrė Jokubauskaitė, Gabrielė Malūkaitė, Karolina Raščikaitė, Viltė Šilkaitytė, Andrius Rudokas, Radvilė Jakštonytė. 


Episode 1: Culture and history of Serbia

Episode 2: Living in Serbia & participants of the DYI Team Serbia